West Bengal Group D Mock test series II 2017 WBGDRB Mock test 2017

West Bengal Group D Mock test series II 2017 WBGDRB Mock test 2017:

This post is the continuation of the West Bengal Group D Mock test 2017 WBGDRB Mock test 2017 series where we have indicated that we would be uploading mock test every week till 20th May 2017. This mock test has 50 question and MCQ in nature. After one completes the paper they can hit submit button and the result of this test paper will show with the score card. The correct answer to each question will also be shown.

If you have any further query or have any suggestion regarding this question series do let us know by dropping your comment into the comment section. 

To start the test hit the “start” button and all question will appear below. 

West Bengal Group D Mock Test 3

West Bengal Group D Mock Test 3

Congratulations - you have completed West Bengal Group D Mock Test 3.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.






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  1. Aro kichu question answer dile khub valo hoy….

  2. 50 out of 50 very easy questions try to set tougher questions

  3. Khub vlo ….but aro vlo vlo quistion koro

  4. Khub vlo …r ektu tough quistion dile vlo hoi …..

    1. 8th Standard e ar koto tough hobe?

  5. Thanks

  6. Khub valo bapar……

  7. Khub bhalo laglo..

  8. Khub bhalo…

  9. Mock test ta darun lagloooo!!!!!
    A rakommm aro ki6u mock test upload korle valo hoyyyy!!!!
    Thnx upload korar jonnooo!!!!

  10. khub Valo laglo tobe du ekta vul a6e

  11. Aro questions dile valo hoto

    1. Aro questions dile valo holo, valo laglo. Next aro questions dile valo hoy

  12. Thanks ai vbe mocktest nie aro vlo prepare korar jonno.aro ai rokom test Nile vlo hoi.

    1. Chesta korbo amra. Dhonnobad

  13. রাধাকান্ত মিশ্র

    দুটো প্রশ্নের উত্তর ভুল আছে, বাকী গুলো সুন্দর হয়েছে।

    1. Sorry for those. thank you anyway!

    2. Kon duto answer vul ache ektu bolben…answer ta dileo valo hoy…

  14. your score 49 of 50 er mane ki please bolben

  15. valo kintu onek vhul ace segulo check kore tarpor set banaben tobe sobai khub upokrioto hobe………..thank u

    1. 2 to onichakrito bhul hoye geche. Sorry for that

  16. Thanks , i will try a better performance so please you upload many question set and help us

    1. Thank you. Will try to upload again soon.

  17. Kono kono 2 ek ta vul a6e

    1. Chesta korbo aamra sudhre neyar. Onno kono suggestion thakle abossoi janaben

  18. ভাল বেশ।তবে এরকম আরো আনলে ভালো।

    1. Thank you.

    1. Dhonnobad

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